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Travel Etiquette

Basic guideline on traveling etiquette on our trains and busses.

Priority Seating

Priority seats can be found on all Rapid trains and buses. We urge passengers to offer your seat to an elderly, disabled, expectant mothers or commuters with infants.

Keep Doorways Clear

Before boarding the train or bus, stand clear from the doors and allow passengers to alight first. If you are onboard the train or bus, give some room to those who are boarding.

Put Bags Down

No one wants a bag shoved onto their face. Please be considerate and remove your backpack and place it on the floor to make more room for other passengers.

Make More Room

Make room for others to board the train or bus. Move towards the centre or back especially during peak hours.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have become a necessity, but not everyone is keen on your conversation. Keep your voice down and avoid sharing your discussions.

Personal Hygiene

Take care of your personal hygiene. If you see others pinching their noses, it’s obvious you don’t smell so good. Always keep in mind that everyone is traveling in a confined area for a good distance.

No Smoking

Smoking is not allowed at all stations, platforms and onboard trains and buses. Let’s keep our surroundings clean.

Pole Hogger

Don’t hog the pole and handrail. The pole is not for dancing but to ensure everyone is safe and secured when travelling.

Do Not Litter

Coming onboard a clean train and bus is nice. Help to keep it clean and ensure that no one litters.