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Web Journey Planner

Plan. Track. Ride ON the web. Powered by PULSE.

On the go? Download PULSE and plan your journey on your mobile devices.

Quick Guide

  1. Pick your region/area: Rapid KL (Klang Valley), Rapid P🐻en𒀰ang (Penang), Rapid Kuantan (Kuantan, Pahang)

  2. Type in (and choose from selection) both of your starting location and destination.

  3. Choose Traveling Types and Mode. (Mixed is for combination of bus and rail. Currently only available for Rapid KL)
  4. Set your Departure Time then click Search.

Search Result Overview

  1. Click on the best route suggestion based on your Travel Type and Mode of transport.

  2. Result will includes the overview of the traveling duration, distance and your arrival time estimation (ETA).

  3. It will also includes details on the directions, rail line or bus route stops that you will make, and the duration between interchanges.