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Conditions Of Carriage

Conditions of Carriage for Rapid KL Rail Services

(1) SECTION 1 – Operating License

(1.1) The rail services operated by Rapid Rail Sdn Bhd (660759-D) (hereinafter referred to as “Rapid KL”) are subject to the Terms and Conditions of the License to Operate Railway, (hereinafter referred to as the “License”) issued by the Minister in accordance with the Land Public Transport Act 2010 (hereinafter referred to as the “Act”).(1.2) Rapid KL is responsible for providing services that is contained in the schedule of services which are displayed at all stations in the Rapid KL network.(1.3) Rapid KL will inform the public and passengers before any amendment is made to the schedule of train service.

(2) SECTION 2 – Usage Of Train System

(2.1) All tickets issued by or on behalf of Rapid KL are subject to the Act and this Conditions of Carriage.(2.2) Anyone who purchases, acquires, or has a ticket, is deemed to have understood and agreed with the Railway (Conduct of Employees and Passengers) Regulations 1996 (hereinafter referred to as “Regulations”) and this Conditions of Carriage.(2.3) Anyone is prohibited to intentionally damage the ticket or attempt to use a damaged ticket or amend the ticket illegally with the intention to enter or exit from the station.(2.4) Anyone is prohibited to abuse or allow the abuse of tickets, ticket equipment or property(ies) provided by Rapid KL.(2.5) Rapid KL reserves the right to prohibit anyone from entering or remaining in the station if they are found to be in an unstable mental condition, or unable to travel by train, or dressed in a filthy manner that can dirty the properties of Rapid KL, clothes or belongings of other passengers who are inside the station or train.(2.6) Anyone is PROHIBITED to do the following in the trains and at the stations:

i. Traveling with animals
ii. Smoking or vaping
iii. Sticking chewing gum
iv. Playing musical instrument without permission
v. Carrying large-sized or excessive baggage
vi. Leaving baggage unattended
vii. Eating and drinking in the paid area, at the platform, and inside the trains
viii. Begging and collecting donations without permission
ix. Loitering or sleeping
x. Paste, stick, paint or write on any asset without permission
xi. Leaving a child in care without supervision
xii. Carrying firearms or explosives and other equipment that can be used as weapons
xiii. Carrying materials containing biological, radiation or chemical elements that can be harmful xiv. Carrying non-permitted types of bicycle during peak hours
xv. Being immodest
xvi. Making noise, quarreling, or causing fights
xvii. Carryin🦋g items that can cause discomfort to other passengers (fruits or wet items)

(2.7) Fines or appropriate action will be imposed for offences committed subject to the Regulations referred to above.(2.8) Anyone is prohibited from carrying any belongings (including animals) into any Rapid KL station that can cause injury, loss or damage to property, Rapid KL staff or other passengers. If caught, the passenger shall compensate Rapid KL for any cost resulting from the injury, loss, or damage.

(3) SECTION 3 – No Liability

(3.1) Rapid KL does not guarantee that a passenger can be transported by a certain train, or the train should depart or arrive at certain times or purchasing of ticket can be completed before any train departs.(3.2) In an event that could lead to disruption, delay, suspension or reduction of train services, Rapid KL will inform the public and passengers who may be affected by the event in question as soon as possible. Rapid KL will take appropriate actions to restore the train services.(3.3) Rapid KL is not accountable to anyone who suffered losses due to travel disruption caused by the reduction in services, delays or termination of service caused by changes in schedule, suspension, or cancellation of train service for any reason whatsoever.(3.4) Rapid KL at its discretion, may suspend or discontinue the issuance of tickets at any station in the network and is not responsible to the passenger or any person who suffered any loss or interruption to their journey as a result of these actions.(3.5) Rapid KL will not be responsible to the passenger or any person who suffered any loss or interruption to their journey due to the failure to board the train that has departed or for any travel disruption resulting from this action.(3.6) Passengers should check every ticket purchased and the remainder of the money received (if any) before leaving the ticket sales counter or ticket machines. Rapid KL will not be liable for any errors or deficiencies if it is not notified to Rapid KL when the ticket is issued.(3.7) Rapid KL will not be held liable for any injury resulting from the passenger’s own negligence while in the trains and at train stations.(3.8) Rapid KL will not be responsible in the event the passenger is heading the wrong direction or is lost in direction when using the train services. Passengers can refer to the customer service counters or the notice boards for guidance.

4) SECTION 4 – Fare And Usage Of Tickets

(4.1) Purchase of tickets and payment of fares can only be made at train stations during the operational hours of Rapid KL or at a place or time allowed by Rapid KL.(4.2) The fare table that is published or displayed on the notice board at all train stations in the Rapid KL network is the fare for the train services in use.(4.3) Only cash payment in Ringgit Malaysia is accepted, or any other form or mode of payment permitted by Rapid KL.(4.4) Rapid KL reserves the right to decline large amount of banknotes or coins for the fare payment, or stop the sale of a ticket if there is no sufficient money exchange, and will not be responsible to anyone who suffered any loss or interruption of the trip due to these factors.(4.5) Anyone without approval or reasonable excuse are prohibited from entering or leaving the paid area of the train system or boarding or try to board a train without first obtaining a proper ticket.(4.6) Passengers are required to display or submit their tickets to the officer on duty when requested for inspection.(4.7) Each passenger travelling using single journey ticket and have entered the paid area of the system should leave the area within the time limit as below:

• Entry and exit at the same station: 30 minutes
• Exit between the first station and the 11th station: 75 minutes
• Exit between the 12th and 25th station: 210 minutes
• Exit after the 25th station: 300 minutes
* The above time limit does not apply to passengers using unlimited t🦄ravel passes.

(4.8) A maximum fare of one-way plus a surcharge of Ringgit Malaysia Five (5) will be charged to anyone who is within the paid area without any reasonable excuse after the expiry of the time limit stipulated above, before being allowed to leave the area.(4.9) Passengers who exit beyond the intended station shall pay the fare difference between the intended station and the exiting station, before being allowed to leave the paid area unless directed otherwise by Rapid KL due to certain factors.(4.10) Passengers using concession tickets without any credentials shall pay the fare difference between the concession fare and the adult fare, plus a surcharge of Ringgit Malaysia Five (5). Concession tickets can be cancelled and the remaining value in the tickets will not be refunded.(4.11) Passengers who have tickets but cannot be read by the automatic gate system when entering the paid area, lost their tickets, or intentionally damage their tickets, will be subject to a maximum of one-way fare plus a surcharge of Ringgit Malaysia Five (5) before being allowed to leave the paid area.(4.12) Passengers are not allowed to leave the area if they refuse or fail to pay the full fare, additional fare, surcharge, or any other charges imposed. Those who refuse can be convicted under the Regulations.(4.13) Anyone who enters the paid area and exit at the same station, even though they do not board the train, will be charged a minimum one-way fare.

(5) SECTION 5 – Refund

(5.1) Refund of the fare is at the discretion of Rapid KL.(5.2) For refund, passengers must fill in the ‘Refund Form’. The form must be attached with the ticket(s) and sent to any Customer Service Counters at the train stations, or they can be mailed to the Customer Support Unit at the address stated below. A service fee will be charged for each ticket returned according to the rates set by Rapid KL.(5.3) Rapid KL will not be responsible to replace lost, unused, intentionally damaged, or expired tickets, and will not make any refund for the lost, unused, intentionally damaged, or expired tickets, or any imposed surcharge.

(6) SECTION 6 – General

(6.1) Any feedback, suggestion or query about the services and facilities provided by Rapid KL can be made at any Customer Service Counters at the stations, emailed, or posted to the Customer Support Unit at the following address:

Customer Support Unit
Group Strategic Communications and Marketing Division, Prasarana Malaysia Berhad,
No. 1, Jalan PJU 1A/46, Off Jalan Lapangan Terbang Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Tel : 03-7885 2585
Email : suggest@rapidkl.iessd.com
Website : www.iessd.com
Facebook : @myrapid
Twitter : @AskRapidKL
Instagram : @myrapidkl

Traꩲin Service and Customer Service Operating Hours:

Monday – Saturday : 6.00am – 12.00am
Sunday and Public Holidays : 6.00am – 11.30pm

Peak Hours of Service:

Monday – Friday : 7.00am – 9.00am
                              : 5.00pm – 7.00pm

*Hours of operation and peak hours of service are subject to current circumstances and needs.These Conditions of Carriage have been approved by the Director-General, Land Public Transport Agency on 12 January 2021.