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Rapid KL - Monorail

Schedules. Routes. Service Highlights

About the Service

Rapid KL provides the connectivity to residential, industrial areas and commercial centres in Greater Kuala Lumpur and Selangor; covering 177 routes and an average daily ridership of 332,000 passengers.The KL Monorail is an intra city public transit system that links many key destinations within Kuala Lumpur.Operated as part of the RapidKL system by Rapid Rail, a subsidiary of Prasarana Malaysia, it is one of the components of the Klang Valley Integrated Transit System.


  • LRT Ampang Line
  • KL Monorail Line
  • KTM Seremban Line
  • ERL KLIA Transit Line
  • LRT Sri Petaling Line
  • MRT Kajang Line
  • KTM Port Klang Line
  • Interchange Station
  • LRT Kelana Jaya Line
  • MRT Putrajaya Line
  • BRT Sunway Line
  • ERL KLIA Express Line
  • Connecting Station

Station Opening Hours

Stations are open for travellers from 6am on Monday to Sunday. On special days, some stations may open earlier.

Station Closing Hours

Closing time for stations varies depending on location. Travellers exiting at stations with its shutters rolled down don’t panic. You may exit at the bypass door as indicated by station staff. 
Note: In the event of any approved service extension hours or special-request events, a dedicated train schedule and operation plan will be introduced.
This include all unique operations i.e. Ramadhan operations, where the morning and evening peak hours vary. We advise all travellers to plan their journey well and be aware of the closing hours for the intended exit station.  
Operating Hours
First Train6:00 AM
Last Train11:30 PM (from KL Sentral towards Titiwangsa)
11:50 PM (from Titiwangsa to KL Sentral)
Monday – Friday0600 – 0700 hrs10 mins
0700 – 0900 hrs7 mins
0900 – 1700 hrs10 mins
1700 – 1900 hrs7 mins
1900 – 0000 hrs10 mins
Saturday0600 – 1100 hrs10 mins
1100 – 2130 hrs8 mins
2130 – 0000 hrs10 mins
Sunday & Public Holiday0600 – 2230 hrs10 mins
2230 – 0000 hrs12 mins